What's new this version:

  • Minimum requirement changed to DotNetNuke 5.1.3 (from 5.1.0).
  • Module now sends the applicant's resumé and cover letter in the admin notification email.
  • The applicant's display name and username can be included in body of emails.
  • The application form can now collect name, email, and phone fields from applicants.
  • The resumé field can now be hidden or made optional.
  • When an applicant isn't logged in, the module won't have any empty space of their name in the subject line.
  • Fixed a bug where Manage Applications didn't display an expand/collapse icon next to job rows.
  • Fixed a bug where notification email linked to the wrong resumé when an applicant updated their application.
  • Fixed bug where documents with special characters (such as a space) in the file name weren't downloaded with the correct name in some browsers.
  • More details can be found on the Engage: Employment Change Log


  1. Easily Manage Openings and Applicants: Engage: Employment has a multitude of features to give you control over the openings you post and the applications you receive.
  2. Give Applicants a Reason to Apply: Applicants can search your openings, save their searches, and email openings to a friend. With workflows designed for the applicant, your job board will become interactive and attention grabbing.
  3. Group Your Openings and Assign Responsibility: With Engage: Employment, you have the ability to group like jobs, assign security to these openings and delegate responsibility over your postings. Different jobs can display on different parts of your site, different users can manage specific openings and applicants.
  4. Professional Design to Attract Serious Applicants: The elegant design of Engage: Employment will reflect the professionalism of your organization. Don't let your job board scare off potentially great employees.