What's new in Version 5.7?

  • Updated Ultra Media Gallery integration to work with UMG 6
  • Fixed a bug where publish content couldn't be imported into a portal that was on the same DNN instance as the portal the content was exported from
  • Fixed a bug where certain skins overwrote the sizing styles of the Engage: Publish Tag Cloud
  • Fixed a bug where the Category Navigation display type rendered invalid markup
  • Fixed a bug where emails included broken links in some situations
  • Fixed a bug where the Custom List could not be sorted by Most Popular
  • Fixed a bug where the module caused an error on a fresh installation into DNN 5.5
  • Fixed a bug where the module caused an error when upgrading from a previous version of Publish in some circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where the Publish Text/HTML module had some broken links
  • Fixed a bug where the number of comments pending approval was incorrect for administrator users
  • Fixed a number of caching-related bugs
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with author names
  • More details can be found on the Engage: Publish Change Log


  1. Gain control of your content: Engage: Publish features an established content approval workflow allowing you control over your content.
  2. Versioning: Don't lose your previous work. Create a new version for your work and roll back later, instead of starting from scratch.
  3. Get Organized: Engage: Publish gives you the ability to define unlimited levels of relationships with features like tagging, parent/child relationships, and related categories.
  4. Flexible Display Options With a number of display modes, Engage: Publish gives you the flexibility to display your content in a number of different ways.
  5. Make your content come to life: Engage: Publish incorporates web 2.0 functionality like ratings, comments and tags.

Who's Using It?

El Camino Hospital

El Camino Hospital

This web site uses Engage: Publish for their content management workflow. It features articles across the site using article approval workflow and versioning.

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