Product Support

At Engage, we strive to offer professional support for our products and services. We have a number of tools available to help provide our customers resources and outlets for issues, questions, and product feedback.

To ensure we can meet (or even exceed) your expectations as you have support needs, we want to outline the tools available and the process we follow to facilitate a professional level of support.

Wiki Documentation

Each of our modules has a wiki which documents module prerequisites, release notes, install instructions, and module specific configuration options. Please review the wiki for your product to begin troubleshooting and learning how to utilize the module. If the instructions found here are lacking, or if you need more clarification please let us know.

Support Forums

The support forums are intended to be a secondary resource for our user community and developers to discuss special setup instructions or unique use cases, troubleshoot issues, and share ideas. You must be a registered user (and logged in) on to participate in the forum discussions. Click here to register.

We strongly encourage you to review and post in our forums. There is a chance that someone else has either had the same issue before or is having similar troubles. Our user communities are active and often very helpful. We monitor the forums during regular business hours (Central Standard Time) and will try to get timely responses to your questions as soon as possible.

Issue Tracking

As we work with you to troubleshoot, brainstorm, or discuss our products in the forums, we want to make sure your feedback is incorporated into our product development cycle. We also want to be transparent with the user community about known issues and the planned product road map.

Our issue tracking software (Gemini) found at gives our user community and us a tool to document the following:

  • Bugs: the product does not work as designed or intended
  • Enhancements: suggestions for changes to existing functionality to improve the product
  • New Features: suggestions for additional functionality to our products.

Give Us Feedback

As mentioned above, our product issue tracking software allows for our user community to directly affect the product road map. Gemini, found at allows for you to document, comment, and vote on our issues list.

A separate login (separate from is required to create issues at All users can view known issues, and previously requested enhancements and features, but you must be registered to create issues, comment, and vote for enhancements. Click here to register on

We welcome your feedback and are excited to hear from you.

Email Us Directly

In addition to the tools above, you may also email us directly. Please note, we strongly encourage support questions and issues to start with documentation, the forums, or our issue tracking system.

If your issue is sensitive, or if we ask to pull a discussion outside of the forums, please feel free to email us directly. Support emails can be directed to We will make every attempt possible to respond to these emails during regular business hours (Central Standard Time)

Premium Support

Engage offers premium support for a range of services including: implementation, custom module styling, training, and custom development.

You can purchase support at an hourly rate here, or contact us at